Our Mission and Passion


We are passionate professionals.

We spread happiness by helping people to live more of their potential and be their best self, at work and at home.

We do this through customised programs of leadership and team development, individual coaching, and well-being and resilience building.

Leadership & Team Development

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.
It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult(Warren Bennis)

Leadership is a process of connecting to a purpose, envisioning a direction which inspires people to work towards together, willingly and taking action to bring that vision to life. Leadership has four dimensions: a motivating purpose, attention to the individual, attention to the team unity, attention to progress and results.

Leadership development focuses on three levels: Leading your-Self, Leading Other(s), Leading Teams. Since leadership is essentially an interpersonal process, your capacity as leader stems from the personal and interpersonal qualities that make you uniquely you.

Our development solutions are highly customized and experiential, taking leaders and teams on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Elements of the journey may include interviews, live online meetings, face-to-face workshops, individual coaching, assessments, etc. We use carefully selected methods and instruments such as Embodied Transformation, iPEC Core Energy Coaching, Energy Leadership Index™, Insights Discovery™.

We have provided leadership development services to clients in different industries, including various global companies we supported through MCE.


We coach leaders, teams and individuals. Our coaching is based on:

Core Energy Awareness

“What’s your core energy at this moment?”  
It is key to become aware about how you look at yourself and the world around at any moment.    Are you feeling like “life is happening to you” or “you make life happen”?
Maybe you even feel “in flow as a co-creator” or at best you experience a sense of “at one with life”. That awareness and what you do with it determines your ability to choose (or not) your response to a situation you’re facing in the moment.

Through Core Energy CoachingTM  you assess your core energy profile and we support you to find within yourself a new, lasting way of looking at yourself and others. As a result, you can make better choices and live a more conscious life. 

Embodied Transformation Coaching

“You don’t really have the knowledge until it lives in your body”
Often you know rationally you want to change behaviours or thoughts that are not helping you.  It may be a fear, or a sense of anger or indifference… and yet, you keep repeating them in certain situations. That’s no surprise, since in those situations your emotional mind  (limbic system) makes you react automatically.  
The limbic system is a combination of the limbic brain and key parts of your nervous system connected to key functions and organs in your body. Your rational mind cannot control that.  
In the past, often even during childhood, your system has adopted with success certain strategies to cope with recurring stressful or even traumatic situations. However, those strategies are often not helping you anymore today.
Embodied transformation coaching supports you to change your behavior from triggered reaction to conscious chosen behavior.  First you grow your embodied awareness, secondly you develop and experience other ways of responding.  As a result, your limbic system, your body, learns and embodies the changed behavior. 

Team Coaching

“…for greater performance and autonomy”
At the basis we work on “building trust” and “dealing with conflict” within the team.   We use interactive exercises, systemic coaching principles and peer coaching.

Secondly, we work with the team on practical implementation of team-work (Believe, Belong, Behave). 

Finally, for organisations and teams that want to develop in the direction of a self-steering, autonomous teams we support them while using the principles of Holacracy. 

Resilience & Well-Being

In-Company inspirational online sessions with a well-being topic

We believe in the possibility of a balanced life where you consciously spend and recharge your energy in your unique mix of work, play, family and what else you are passionate about.

We work with a holistic approach using wisdom and practices from Core Energy Coaching™, embodied transformation, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nutrition etc, but we don’t advocate any single solution. 

“It’s your reaction to adversity,
not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.”

Our Resilience & Well-Being services include

  • Team energy audits, team coaching, and team building events
  • Stress management workshops
  • Resilience and burnout prevention initiatives with online and offline elements (eg. well-being webinars)
  • Individual coaching
  • Yoga and meditation classes, workshops and retreats in collaboration with Sampoorna Yoga Studio 


More about our inspiration and work on the blog page.

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