Happy Hours

Happy Hours
Short inspirational online sessions with a well-being topic

Covid-19 has changed the whole way of working. People work from home, often in poor ergonomic conditions leading to physical tensions. Many find it difficult to “switch off”, and stay on their computers at all hours. Others may feel alone and disconnected from their teams, missing opportunities to talk about non-work subjects.

Happy Hours
in-company moments of sharing practical tools and inspiration
for physical, mental and emotional well-being

  • In-company
  • One-hour inspirational online sessions with a well-being topic
  • Professionally facilitated
  • Lively and engaging allowing people to connect with their coworkers to discuss the topics
  • A handout per session with exercises and checklists that participants can use at home


Flat fee per session regardless of the number of participants.
The Happy Hours are a truly cost-effective way to reach many employees. For more information enquire here

Happy Hours – available series

Nutrition & Healthy Eating

  • Food & energy: What drains your energy vs. gives you energy, definition of “real food”, foods for stable energy levels
  • Food & mood: Nutrients for brain & concentration
  • Smart choices in challenging situations: Preparing a packed lunch; meal planning & shopping tips

“Hit Pause” – Well-being at your desk

  • Office yoga: stretching at your desk to release tension
  • Exercises for hands, wrists & arms, to prevent repetitive strain injury and energize through improved blood circulation
  • Breathing exercises to calm down and to re-energize

Power of Positivity

  • Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset; circle of concern vs. circle of influence; limiting beliefs
  • Power of appreciation: become a positive virus
  • Practice of gratitude: journaling and other daily practices

Your Mind Can Only Focus So Much

  • What the science says: Your mind needs period of focus and periods of un-focus
  • Practices to relax your mind between sprints of focus: Constructive daydreaming, doodling, etc.
  • Why a relaxed mind is more creative – brain waves & creativity

Your Life Balance

  • Work-life balance – but work is part of life! “Wheel of life” and its different areas.
  • Your beliefs about achieving balance; what keeps you from achieving it, how much of it comes from outside vs. self?
  • Practical tips for a balanced life, such as agenda management, workload management

The Good Sleep Workshop

  • Self-checklist about habits that may affect sleep
  • Daily routine for better sleep: circadian rhythms and regular schedule, winding-down routine, what’s your bedroom like?
  • Role of food in sleep: What to avoid, what to go for
  • Breathing, meditation & stretching exercises to relax

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