The Power of Positivity

Yes, in this period of being totally fed up with the restrictions of the “new normal” it may sound cringeworthy to advocate positivity – but when you realize the beneficial effects of positivity on both your physical and mental health, it’s worth giving it a try.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean ignoring problems or denying that the current situation is difficult – it just means highlighting that there are also positives. 

Positive teams turn out to be more productive. According to a study by University of Michigan, when organizations institute positive practices they achieve significantly higher levels of productivity, customer satisfaction, staff engagement, etc. Practical ways to boost positivity in your work team could be spontaneously praising each other, seeing mistakes or failures as an opportunity to learn together, and proactively offering support and compassion when you spot a colleague in need.

On a societal level, positivity and happiness are contagious. In fact, the logo of our company ChangeMatters shows the ripples around a drop, as we strongly believe that when you feel well in your skin and are enthusiastic about what you do – as a leader, parent, life partner etc – others around you will benefit as well. It is said that you being happier impacts 3 degrees of separation – so your child’s teacher’s hairdresser will be happier if you are happy!

Here are three tips for a daily dose of positivity:

Have a laugh!  Positivity and laughter boosts your immune system and your mental health. Don’t underestimate the importance of little cheerful moments before going into a business conversation, to have a chat and a share a joke. See the funny side of things, have a giggle

Foster connection.  Humans need each other, and it has been shown in many studies that social connection is key for good health and longevity. So even in these weird times reach out, have a video coffee with friends, meet for a walk outdoors if you cannot meet indoors, volunteer and offer your help. Everyone benefits!

Focus on gratitude. When you are grateful there is no room for negativity. Count your blessings listing them in your mind at the start or end of the day, or even formally by writing them down in a gratitude journal on your night table, or by writing little notes of gratitude that you collect in a jar on your kitchen counter, to be read out on New Year’s Eve to remember all the things you have been grateful for.

Would you like your whole team to get inspired, to incorporate more positivity into their thinking? Organize a Happy Hour with us!